I come from a long line of jewelry lovers. The women in my family are drawn, like the magpies of folklore, to all things sparkly. Not me, though. I can't remember really ever having any more feelings about diamonds and sparkly things than "Oh, that's really beautiful, but I don't think I would wear it." When my husband and I started talking about marriage and he asked me about a ring I told him I thought it was silly to spend so much money when we needed so many more practical things. I can appreciate and even envy other women their jewelry, but somehow I just never got around to really wanting any of my own. I thought I simply hadn't gotten the Jewelry Gene from my foremothers. 
I was wrong.
Turns out I just didn't love what was commercially available. Turns out, I very much inherited the Jewelry Gene, but my jewelry gene is slightly askew. 
I'm drawn to the unique. The character driven. The Jewelry-as-Art. The artist-rendered, amazing, make-sense-of-life kind of stuff. The imperfect. The explorations of our joys and pains and fears. The celebrations. The entire amazing movement that I fell into the day I decided that I was going to figure out how to make a pair of earrings that I had dreamed up which did not yet exist. It is pure joy for me to make these little pieces for you. Everything I make feels like a little victory. One step closer to Who I am, and maybe one step closer to Who You Are as well. 
And I really, really like pancakes. A lot. 
Love, Lily V
 she was in a tattoo magazine once...

she was in a tattoo magazine once...