Where I've been, where I'll be

If you somehow missed it, I did my first ever trunk show last weekend! It was super fun, and I really can't thank the Downtown Winston-Salem arts community enough. The weather was dreary and cold but people still came out to wander the arts district and see what was out there. Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful and I got so many fantastic suggestions for venues galleries that I can't wait to see everywhere I'll be headed in the next few years! 

But where can I meet you, Lily? 

Great question! I have a couple definite places I will be, and some up my sleeve that I'll let you in on soon. 

Next first Friday is May 6 and you can rest assured that I will be at Tattoo Revival again, from about 6-10 pm. They also have a selection of my jewelry in the display case, so you should totally stop by, welcome them to town, and try on some of my stuff!

Tattoo Revival is at 631 Trade St in the Arts district of Winston-Salem, NC.

Sunday July 10 from noon-6pm I will be at a super fun little shindig called the Homegrown Artisan Market. It's a monthly gathering of local artists that happens at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro. They have live music, a bar, and a food truck on site, so plan on making an afternoon of it!

The Blind Tiger is at 1819 Spring Garden St in Greensboro, NC. 

See you sooooooon! 

Genius ways to use fashion tape!

Except I'll have to find you a video about how to properly put on a cuff so that it will fit you and stay put. Great ideas here otherwise! 

We bet you've never used fashion tape like this..

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Hi there! I'm Lily, and I absolutely can't wait to hear all about you. You can read a little bit about me here, on the About me page. If you're looking for the blog about getting me to officiate your wedding, it's over here, on the Getting Married? page.

I'm not entirely sure what direction this blog will take. I'd like to use it to highlight the goings-on in my studio, of course, but it's also likely that there will be talk of my family life too. Maybe some recipes. Maybe some politics. Maybe some activism. But mostly just my little fam and my little life. 

But I'd love to have your input too. Do you have questions about jewelry?  Do you want to hear more about one of my techniques? Do you not even care about a blog and just want to see pictures and videos of my art? Let's make this our space. Let's make it into something fun and interactive and wonderful! 

And let's swear to always post pictures of any pancakes we eat. 


Lily V

 I think was was from the DC Tattoo convention in 2015... May have been something earlier though. 

I think was was from the DC Tattoo convention in 2015... May have been something earlier though.